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Sweeps - Pillows

Andax continues to provide you with sorbent options for every application. Our sweeps work great for marine and waterway cleanup, while our pillows work just about anywhere you want them to. Don't forget Andax's loose absorbent and Drip Shield™ are also available.
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Sorbent sweeps are a durable, easy-to-use absorbent. At 100 feet in length the sweep, named for its sweeping action on the surface of water, gathers up that hard-to-get sheen that can appear when a small amount of oil or oil-based liquid spreads across water. Lay a sweep across a stream or storm-water discharge tube, or drag it behind a boat. Webbing reinforcement is sewn into the hem, making our sweep tough--so go ahead and pull!
Each one of our sorbent pillows (AND1425) can soak up to four gallons! Put a rope on the end and you can use it in your storm drain to catch all that oily run off. Use our Mini-Pillows (AND6915 and AND7915) around machinery, under faucets, spigots, hydraulic hoses, and coolant lines. You can even put them under equipment and into really tight areas because of their low-profile design. The Oil-selective Mini-Pillow will float on water and only soak up oil and oil-based fluids. Keep a box near dispensing and drum storage areas. And remember, you can get your own size! Just give us a call.

Sometimes you need an on-the-spot solution to... well, a spot. Spills can wreak havoc on work floors and spaces, and bulk sorbents are a quick way to soak up unexpected accidents.

We offer two types, both available in 10lb. bags or a custom amount - just call and we can customize!

General Purpose (SG-50)

Keep a bag of our General-purpose Sorbent handy for leaks and drips in and around your loading docks! It will even soak up antifreeze. Plus it's 99% dust free.

Oil-Selective (SW-50)

This recycled cellulose Sorbent soaks up oils, fuels, and solvents - not water! Works great indoors or outdoors. Incinerates to less than 1% ash. SCS Green Cross Certified.

Nothing says you care more about your shop and equipment than using an Andax Drip Shield™! Place a Drip Shield™ under a container on the floor, on a work bench, in the lab or even under a dripping pipe! Since the Drip Shield™ aborbent drip pad has a tough poly backing, leaks will never touch the surface the Drip Shield™ protects. Keep your workplace clean and safe. Available in oil-selective or universal configurations.