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Andax offers the complete line of Streamlight® Flashlights, options, accessories and replacement parts. Streamlight...Do we need to say more? Whether you are going into battle, a burning building or trying to find the fuse panel in a storm, Streamlight Flashlights are the lights that professionals know and trust. Recogniz... more
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Your safety is important to us.

There are several types of locations in which it can be extremely dangerous to use any light that has not been specifically designed — and approved — for that kind of location. These are areas where fire or explosion hazards may exist due to the presence of flammable gases, liquids, vapors, dusts, or ignitable fibers or flyings. If you will be using a flashlight in any potentially hazardous location, it is critical that your flashlight be safety-rated for that specific kind of environment. The information in this section will help you choose a lighting tool that’s both safe and effective for your needs. You’ll see that Streamlight and Pelican make a variety of lights that are safe to use in the environment in which you will be working.

We understand that jobs sometimes require the use of both hands. That’s why we offer a variety of Streamlight® compact headlamps to give you the light you need without having to juggle your tools and a flashlight. In addition, each of these headlamps provides the run times you need to get through even the longest shift.
Our Streamlight Jr.® LED series may be lightweight and compact, but the light these flashlights produce is anything but small. Pick the one that is right for you – whether you need a regular flashlight or one with the LED on the end of a flexible cable for seeing into tight spaces – both are handy tools to have on hand!
You’ll be surprised at the brightness of our smallest lights. Streamlight has a variety of small flashlights to fit in your pocket or on a keychain for a personal light you can carry with you anywhere.
The rugged, rechargeable LiteBox® was Streamlight's first lantern with a swivel neck for full right-angle lighting. Whether you need a flood light to illuminate a wide area, a spot light to make inspections from a distance, or just high lumens, the Streamlight lanterns are available in systems and configurations to meet your lighting needs.
Streamlight Portable Scene Lights are industrial-duty, rechargeable, completely portable flood lights. Ideal for field maintenance, inspection of construction sites and remote equipment, military operations and general scene lighting.
When your work is tough, dirty and grueling, you know how important it is to have the right tools on hand. Streamlight’s ProPolymer series gives you lightweight, affordable flashlights that are also extremely durable and powerful. All of the lights, which are non-conductive and safety-rated, run on alkaline batteries. You just need to pick the configuration that is right for you, whether it is 2AA, 3AA, 4AA, 3C or 3N.
The full line of intrinsically safe Streamlight Dualie series flashlights for industrial use. See what lies ahead and at your feet with two beams!
Streamlight’s series of professional tactical lights include our smallest hand-held tactical lights. Tuck one in a pocket or in your bag for a bright back-up light.
The Streamlight SL-20 Series is a versatile family of rechargeable personal flashlights that has the power and the durability you need for almost any job. Choose from a variety of features, including Streamlight’s patented dual incandescent/LED; and no matter which Streamlight SL flashlight you choose, you get great features.
The Stinger® series gives you the flexibility of choosing the compact, rechargeable light that is right for you, whether you prefer a single or a dual switch, machined aluminum or non-conductive polymer. This series offers a wide range of products to meet your lighting needs with our Tradition, High Performance, High Lumen (HPL) and High Lumen (HL) lights – each offers a different balance of features ideal for a variety of applications.
The lights in the Strion® series are a bright option when you need an ultra-compact light that is also rechargeable. You can also pick the flashlight to meet your lighting needs, whether you need a general, multi-purpose light from our Tradition line, the long reach of our High Performance, High Lumen (HPL) light, or the maximum illumination of our High Lumen (HL) light.
The Stylus® series combines the convenience of a penlight with the power of a bright LED. These tough, durable lights are ideal for a variety of tasks, from reading a map on a camping trip and inspecting hard-to-see places, to forensic investigations and tactical operations.
Streamlight™ Tactical Hand-Held and Gun-Mount lights are the most dependable tactical lights available. They’re engineered to provide excellent service in areas of poor light or limited visibility, whether for civilian or military use. Light and easy to handle, they are ready when you are.
The Streamlight Task-Lights® are extremely durable and powerfully bright with long run times. These affordable personal lights with dual lighting modes are the ideal lights to take anywhere, so you're ready for anything.