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Your spill plan is only as good as your sorbents!

So make your plan work with Andax Sorbents! When it comes to soaking up the spill, Andax Sorbents lead the way. Our melt-blown polypropylene offers the best value for your dollar with lots and lots of options for size, capacity and application to meet your ... more

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For leaks and spills, Andax has the answer. Use our Original Sorbent Pads to pick up the smallest drip or the largest spill. Sorbent rolls are 15 or 30 inches wide and 150 feet long--in an emergency, you'll want these rolls. Keep the drips and drops, and the grease and grime, in check.
Andax offers all the sock and boom configurations you need for any contingency. Our Mini-Booms surround and contain any spill, while our Sorbent Booms serve to clean oil or chemicals from waterways and contain larger spills on land. Andax’s Original Sorb-Sox™ are always handy to contain an active spill or to place around leaking equipment to prevent slip and fall hazards. And Spyder-Sox™ prevent spills from contaminating drains by absorbing spills fast and permitting only water to pass through.
Andax continues to provide you with sorbent options for every application. Our sweeps work great for marine and waterway cleanup, while our pillows work just about anywhere you want them to. Don't forget Andax's loose absorbent and Drip Shield™ are also available.