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Secondary Containment

Andax has the products you need for secondary containment. Whether it's our pop up pools, spill decks, leaking valve and flange devices, spill trays or transformer sacs--we have the product you want. We can also customize a product just for you.
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The Andax Tank Trap™ and Chem-Trap™ are the absolute fastest containment products on the market. Open in less than 3 seconds! If you can unzip the carry bag, you can easily deploy a pop up pool. The Tank Trap™ instantly opens to 20 times its stored size. Whether it's a small spill or a highway accident, the Tank Trap™ is immediately on the job. Best of all, it's reusable. The Tank Trap™ cleans up in a snap because there are no pockets or folds to trap liquids. The standard Tank Trap™ is ideal for containing fluids on relatively smooth surfaces. For storing or containing drums and other heavy objects on rough surfaces, use the super duty base Tank Trap™. The Chem-Trap™ offers complete chemical resistance for containment of spilled chemicals, pesticides, acids, washing solutions and caustics. It features a heavy-duty puncture-resistant base and a smooth interior for easy cleanup.
Andax Spill Decks will keep you in complete compliance with federal secondary containment regulations. These decks are available in two-drum, four-drum, six-drum and eight-drum capacities and can be used for dispensing lubricants and solvents. They feature a forklift option and drains, and they're economically priced.
Andax's patented Valve Sac™, Valve Boot Sac™ and Flange Wrap™ are easy to install. Just slide on, label and leave. Once installed, their unique design allows you to visually check the contained fluid levels, so there is no question about the status of the valve or spigot. The Valve Sac™ and Valve Boot Sac™ are thermally bonded and cinch tightly around the valve. They come right off the shelf in different sizes and are 100% customizable. The Flange Wrap™ has dual cinches to encapsulate the flange on both sides of the pipe. All three products come with leak documentation labels, and they're available in oil-selective and universal absorbency configurations.

The Andax Xtreme Shell™ Pipe Flange Containment System is a complete solution for fast and easy containment of a leaking flange, valve or any other connection point. If you don't see a size that suits your needs, give us a call at 1-800-999-1358. We have rapid custom design capabilities available.

Visit our website, www.XtremeShell.com, for more information.

The Work Tray™, Spill Tray™, Weighted Spill Tray™ and Drip Shield™ are Andax's portable, field-tested product solutions for leaks and spills. Whether you need containment for your lab projects, equipment leaks, engine leaks or drums that might leak, these Andax products offer unique customizable solutions to meet your needs.
Andax designed the Transformer Sac™ to help utilities comply with all governmental and industrial safety regulations. We manufacture many types, sizes and styles of the Transformer Sac™ including models for Pole and Pad Mounts with outdoor weather caps and Multi-Height units with built-in cap height adjustability. (Please note: the Pole Mount Transformer Sac has been discontinued and replaced by the new Transformer Containment Bag™.)

The Transformer Containment Bag™, manufactured by Andax Industries safely contains leaking transformers, allowing complete access to lifting lugs for easy lifting, moving and storing.

Visit our website, www.TransformerContainmentBag.com, for more information.

The Insulator Bushing Sac™ Containment Bag is used to completely encapsulate a leaking insulator bushing. The Insulator Bushing Sac™ offers a unique “open-up and drop-it-in" installation. This simple procedure, combined with our highly absorbent oil-selective liner, makes the Insulator Bushing Sac™ ideal for containing leaking oils and tars. Whether you’re replacing a failed bushing or performing normal maintenance, the Bushing Sac Containment Bag is engineered for 100% containment and transportation.
Andax offers a variety of Secondary Containment accessories to make your job less of a chore. Whether it’s Bushing Sac closers, drains, tarps, Dirt Bags, Petro Pipes or absorbent refills for any of our trays, or yours, we have the accessories you need.