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Andax carries the full line of Pelican™ brand cases and lights. For over 30 years, Pelican Products has built a reputation for manufacturing the toughest Protector Cases in the world. Designed for extreme protection during storage and transport, these cases have interior options available for extra protection and are water... more
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Regardless of the purpose, our Pelican™ lighting tools and remote area lighting systems enable you to accomplish your tasks in a safer and more efficient manner.
Pelican™ Remote Area Lighting Systems are the complete lighting solution for first responders, industrial and aerospace applications. With multiple heads and Bluetooth activation (select models), RALS can light up an accident scene or a soccer field. Each RALS is designed with LED technology to provide a better quality of light, high reliability and low energy consumption.
Introducing the Pelican™ Air Case. The lightest premium Protector™ case on the planet.
Andax Industries has built a reputation for marketing the toughest Protector Case™ in the world from Pelican Products. For many years we’ve seen these cases used for some fairly crazy activities… and important ones, too. Pelican™ cases have been thrown out of helicopters in Iraq, floated through frigid fjords in Norway and rolled over by SUVs in Tanzania. With only a few scratches to show on the outside, the contents inside are left unscathed. These are minor details for major bragging rights. And that is really what it’s all about. Getting your gear from point A to point B in the condition it’s meant to be in: intact and functional. Because it might contain a large format camera that will shoot next month’s magazine cover or a heart defibrillator that could save a person’s life, you can’t put a price on confidence.
Lightweight and rugged, the Pelican™ Storm Case™ is made from proprietary HPX® plastic resin, has patented Press & Pull latches, and is designed to meet or exceed military testing requirements.
Whether your destination is 30 minutes or 3,000 miles, a Pelican™ Vault Case is rock-solid protection every inch of the way. With heavy-duty hinges, nail-tough hasps and an extremely tough high-impact polymer shell, it withstands the weather, drops, kicks, throws, abrasion, dust, baggage mishandlers - whatever comes with the territory ahead.
For nearly half a century, Pelican™ Products has made protective cases to transport equipment through some of the harshest conditions possible. That same level of engineerings is available in Pelican Coolers. End to end, no other coolers can measure up to our rugged standards. From the toughest handles to stainless steel hardware and extreme ice retention, there's nothing tougher.

The world is a rough place, especially for luggage. And after 35 years of building Pelican™ protector cases we’ve seen it firsthand. Which is why Pelican Elite luggage uses double wall construction to withstand extreme loads- up to 1,500 lbs. Molded of high impact polymer and fitted with a watertight O-ring seal, this luggage can resist everything on the open road, even water. Pelican Elite luggage passed submergence tests for 30 minutes at a depth of one meter, so a tropical typhoon will feel like skipping through the rain--at least to your luggage. This luggage also includes a waterproof purge valve that vents the interior, while blocking moisture. Now you can travel with confidence (and fragile items). This luggage has also survived free-fall impact tests with up to 25 pounds of weight.

Pelican™ has designed a full line of dedicated backpacks. Built with the same quality and durability as our protector cases, these backpacks protect your gear in all environments.
Our military transport containers come in over 300 standard sizes, and are manufactured to comply with applicable MIL-SPEC requirements. These rotomolded polyethylene containers can be designed to suit your weapons and equipment shipping needs, for Pelican-Hardigg™ engineers specialize in custom case design and customized foam interiors. Our containers are subjected to rain, sand, wind, shock, and temperature extremes in our testing lab to guarantee their durability and integrity in protecting your specialized equipment. At Pelican-Hardigg Cases, we take pride in rotomolding rugged shipping solutions for your military applications. (Contents not included.)

In the beginning, a wooden crate fell apart. And then a corrugated box got wet. To make things worse, overweight metal cases showed up with sheared off handles. That’s when Pelican™ Cases arrived, manufactured from polyethylene. Durable and waterproof, with recessed handles and integrated stacking ribs. The year was 1969, and we’ve been adding new sizes and perfecting Pelican-Hardigg™ Cases ever since.

Getting your equipment safely from point A to point B is paramount. To move your case around you might need wheels, or if the load is extreme we can install forklift spacers and a bash-plate. We can also help you with technical choices, such as standard or mil-spec purge valves (prevents vacuum lock in the event of altitude change). The list goes on: from handles and latches to desiccant chambers for removing humidity from the case.

The NEW Pelican™ ISP Case with Inter-Stacking Pattern keeps loads tight.

On the lid, unique wave-design stacking ribs add rigidity. On the base, molded-in discs interlock to the case below, even if it’s a different size. The ISP system is designed to cube out perfectly across standard logistics platforms for speed and load efficiency. And cross-stacking builds incredibly tight loads that can save time while strapping and netting.

The next generation container is the Pelican™ ISP Case. Anywhere a load is bound, on any transport and any platform.

These light weight, compact, and double ended cases offer light to medium duty protection and boast significantly better light duty shock performance than the competition. The use of recycled materials in the shell and a sturdy steel frame offer great value while upholding Pelican™ industry-leading standards. When you need to be cost-conscious but can’t sacrifice performance, BlackBox™ is the answer.


  • Audio/Video recording and processing systems
  • Satellite communication systems
  • Radio communication systems
  • Seismic data recording instrumentation
  • Climate data collection