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Andax has everything you need for facility maintenance and repair. Browse the drain protectors, leak diverters, spill trays, drip shields, valve & flange devices, booms, socks, pads, rolls, mats, wipes and wipers for the product that fits your needs.
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For your leaks and spills, Andax has the answer. Use our Original Sorbent Pads to pick up the smallest drip or the largest spill. Use them outdoors — rain or shine. Sorbent rolls 15 or 30 inches wide and 150 feet long--in case of an emergency, you'll want these rolls. Keep the grease and grime in check with our Barrier and Industrial Matting.
If you want to maintain your equipment and successfully prevent leaks and spills from becoming major incidents, Andax has the answer in our Maintenance and Repair products. Whether you like our sorbent pads, Tuff Wipes™, Work Tray™, or whether you would like a product customized to your specific needs, Andax is here to serve you. Give us a call at 800-999-1358.
With Andax, there's always a solution for your cleanup needs. Our Tuff Wipes™, sorbent pads and rolls all help you to keep your business clean and safe.

Are you tired of duct-taping pads around leaking valves? There is no need to! The Valve Sac™ is the solution: the new ideal containment system designed to encapsulate valves and control any leaks or spills! The Valve Sac™ was engineered to contain drips from leaking substation transformer valves or spigots.

The Andax Xtreme Shell™ Pipe Flange Containment System is a complete solution for fast and easy containment of a leaking flange, valve or any other connection point. If you don't see a size that suits your needs, give us a call at 1-800-999-1358. We have rapid custom design capabilities available.
The Work Tray™, Spill Tray™, Weighted Spill Tray™ and Drip Shield™ are Andax's portable field-tested solutions for leaks and spills. Whether you need containment for your lab projects, for equipment leaks, for engine leaks or drum containment, these Andax products offer unique customizable solutions to meet your needs.

These flexible mats block spills from entering storm drains, grates, floor drains and manholes. Simply lay them over the opening and the flexible material seals without adhesives.

The Andax Leak Diverter™ is your first line of defense to keep a roof/ceiling or plumbing leak from getting much worse.