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Whether your facility is a major industry in the nation or a family-owned business, Andax offers products that will assist you with flexible film liners, aerosol can disposal, storage and containment, maintenance and repair, lighting and cases. We also carry accessories for many products that enhance their performance.
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Andax has everything you need for facility maintenance and repair. Browse the drain protectors, leak diverters, spill trays, drip shields, valve & flange devices, booms, socks, pads, rolls, mats, wipes and wipers for the product that fits your needs.
Do your drums have adequate secondary containment? Look over Andax's Spill Decks and Drum Top Covers for the right storage and containment product for you.
Whatever your lighting and case requirements, here are the Streamlight™ and Pelican™ solutions you seek. If you need assistance, call us at 800-999-1358.
Andax has the only patented spill control system that allows you to label, match and respond to a spill. It's as easy as that—label, match and respond.
Let Andax show you how flexible we can be! We focus on building the best liners & flexible tanks in the business. We manufacture heavy wall drum liners, form-fit open top tank liners, spouted liners, gaylord liners, closed top square liners and pillow tanks. If you're in the market for a liner or tank then look no further--we can help. Choose from a wide variety of materials and heat seals for your application. We manufacture custom liners to meet your specific needs. Our knowledgeable sales staff is ready to help with your next project.
Andax offers an economical way to turn aerosol cans into scrap metal. In as little as 5 seconds, the Aerosol Can Recycling System leaves you with a depressurized, empty steel can that can be recycled with your other scrap metal. All of the contents of punctured cans are collected safely in a drum which filters any residual propellant of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). In addition to the cans themselves, even solvents can be recycled. You can save thousands of dollars on disposal costs.
From high-tech putties to instant seals, Andax has the accessories you need for quick repairs.