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If your utility uses products to capture and contain leaks or spills from valves, flanges, insulator bushings or other places, try our products and see the difference they can make. If we don't have what you want already on the shelf, give us a call at 800-999-1358. We'll work with you to customize a product specific to your needs
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Having the right tool for the job at hand is not only professional, but also safe. When you have to change out a pad mount, the right tool is an Andax Pad Mount Transformer Sac™. Designed specifically to fit pad mount transformers, this Transformer Sac™ offers containment from leaks and spills in the field. Simple to use, just slip it under the pad mount and pull the Sac up and around the transformer. We offer several options including the Pad mount with or without weather cap and Multi-Height that has built in adjustability for taller units. Choose from our standard sizes or call us and we will make one the size you need! Andax also offers a Transformer Repair Pac™ (TRP), Tank Trap™ and PCB/soil analysis kits to suit every need. Please Note: Andax recommends you follow all safety regulations for transport of damaged/leaking transformers. When moving or transporting a transformer, it should always be lifted by the manufacturer-installed “lugs.” A transformer can be “bagged” to contain any leaking oils. However, DO NOT lift a transformer by the straps installed on FIBC bags, especially if the FIBC has been stored outside.
The Insulator Bushing Sac™ Containment Bag is used to completely encapsulate a leaking insulator bushing. The Insulator Bushing Sac™ offers a unique “open-up and drop-it-in" installation. This simple procedure, combined with our highly absorbent oil-selective liner, makes the Insulator Bushing Sac™ ideal for containing leaking oils and tars. Whether you’re replacing a failed bushing or performing normal maintenance, the Bushing Sac Containment Bag is engineered for 100% containment and transportation.

Are you tired of duct-taping pads around leaking valves? There is no need to! The Valve Sac™ is the solution: the new ideal containment system designed to encapsulate valves and control any leaks or spills! The Valve Sac™ was engineered to contain drips from leaking substation transformer valves or spigots.

The Andax Xtreme Shell™ Pipe Flange Containment System is a complete solution for fast and easy containment of a leaking flange, valve or any other connection point. If you don't see a size that suits your needs, give us a call at 1-800-999-1358. We have rapid custom design capabilities available.
No one wants to think about a great expanding flood of oil or of some corrosive chemical polluting the environment, yet you have to be prepared to respond whenever and wherever such a disaster occurs. You have to be capable of getting sufficient quantity of your sorbents and cleanup equipment to the site of the spill in a timely fashion. For example: the Andax Tank Trap™ is great for containing active leaks. It opens in 3 seconds to 20 times its stored size to contain up to 150 gallons. The Barrel Pac™, Mobile Spill Station™ and Spill Pallet™ are all available in both oil-selective and universal configurations to contain and clean up spills ranging from 60 to 150 gallons. So configure your Andax Spill Trailer to answer the need when a spill occurs onsite or at a distance. It’s fully customizable, so you can build your response trailer and outfit it for whatever emergency you may face. Call our customer service representatives for suggestions about outfitting your spill response trailer, today!