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Regardless of the purpose, our Pelican™ lighting tools and remote area lighting systems enable you to accomplish your tasks in a safer and more efficient manner.
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Flat tires, missing headphones, needle in a haystack, you name it; these everyday personal flashlights will keep you moving through the day or night. With keychain attachments, they are always handy.
Pelican™ Handheld Lights are the most safety approved lighting tools for hard-working professionals and extreme outdoor enthusiasts. Features include chemical-resistant bodies and high-power lamp modules.
Pelican™ headlamps offer hands free illumination with multiple choices in brightness. Some are safety approved for use in hazardous environments. There is a wide range of choices to suit every need.
Pelican™ lanterns are known for their brightness, ease of operation and innovative technology. Choose one to meet any industrial, sport or emergent application.
Firefighters put everything on the line and the correct lighting tools are critical. Right angle (90°) flashlights often worn on turnout coats offer hands-free performance. With extreme peak beam intensity and smoke-cutting penetration, these lights will get you in and out of tough situations safely.
Products must pass a battery of rigorous tests conducted by safety agencies before getting a stamp of approval. When you're in a potentially hazardous environment, using a flashlight that carries these approvals is vital. This category encompasses all lights with Class 1 Division 1 ratings.
From flashers to infrared to flex-necks and multi-colored traffic wands, Pelican™ specialty lights bring you the same durability and efficiency as our other lights, with innovative design and plenty of useful features.
Being able to clearly see your target is a must for military and police units. Pelican™ Tactical Lights are field ready and built to withstand the hard knocks that come with the job.
Pelican™ batteries, light modules, holders, mounts, chargers, lanyards--everything you might need for your Pelican™ lights--is here.