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When you have to respond....time means lives! That's why the engineers at Andax spent so much time working with responders when we developed our Decontamination (De-Con) line. We focused on functionality, portability, ease of use and cost effectiveness. When you need to make the decision to purchase decontamination equipm... more
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The most cost-effective, instant, modular decon units and shelters on the market! Our De-Con Pac™ can be set up anywhere in all weather conditions as a single unit or staged as a multi-station mass decontamination system.

We now manufacture all standard Pacs in “De-Con green.” These are the same liners you have come to rely on from Andax Industries with the same top quality and durability. Please call us with your comments or questions at 1-800-999-1358.

Large-scale contamination is the stuff of nightmares. No one wants to think about a river of noxious liquid streaming from a ruptured tank at a chemical plant or an overturned semi spilling hazardous material onto a highway, yet you have to be prepared to respond whenever and wherever such an emergency occurs. You need to be capable of getting your decon equipment to the site and the victims in a timely fashion. Andax's De-Con Trailer and Mobile Deployment System Carts get your decon equipment to the scene.
Pelican™ Remote Area Lighting Systems are the complete lighting solution for first responders, industrial and aerospace applications. With multiple heads and Bluetooth activation (select models), RALS can light up an accident scene or a soccer field. Each RALS is designed with LED technology to provide a better quality of light, high reliability and low energy consumption.