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Andax Industries 150-Gallon Tank Trap - Super Duty

150-Gallon Tank Trap - Super Duty

Spill Containment Popup Pool 150 Gallon Tank Trap™ with super duty base
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Take your Andax 150-Gallon Tank Trap™ - Super Duty Base spill containment pool out of the storage case and it instantly opens to 20 times its stored size. Now place this containment pool where you need it and it’s as easy as 1-2-3!
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TTF-150 SD

Returns: Accepted within 30 days 
Price: $375.00
Specifications of 150-Gallon Tank Trap - Super Duty
Open Size : 74" Dia x 9" H
Stored Size : 27" Dia x 7" H
Weight : 14 lbs