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The “Original Transformer Sacs”, manufactured and patented by Andax are also known as Transformer Bags or Transformer Containment Devices. Used by electric companies across America and around the World to contain leaking overhead pole mount and pad mount transformers including substation units.  We manufacture many types and styles of the Transformer Sac™ with several options including models for Pole and Pad Mounts that include outdoor weather caps and Multi-Height units with built in height adjustability. Choose from our standard sizes or call us and we will make one the size you need!

When it comes to containing leaking transformers, talk to the leader in transformer containment! We make them right here in the USA! Whether you are looking for environmentally friendly, re-usable, heavy duty or the standard Transformer Sac™, we are your source! It's what we're known for ... no matter what you call them.

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