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Tactical De-Con
Tactical De-Con

Andax Tactical De-Con Pac™ is a self-contained, puncture-resistant, PVC liner that attaches to an easy-to-open, rugged steel frame with an integrated shower.  It can be custom or private labeled for your police or military unit, or your emergency response organization.  When seconds make a difference between life and death, the first at the scene must be equipped to begin the decontamination operation immediately.  You need instant, portable and expandable decon equipment.

  • Ready to deploy/completely portable in a Pelican™ Case
  • Made of flame retardant vinyl subject to NFPA 701 Test
  • Clearly labeled for ease of setup and use
  • Secured zipper doors
  • Interior hook racks for shower wand, clothing bag, etc.
  • Completely customizable
  • Made in U.S.A.

The Pelican™ Case holds the Tactical Pac securely, but is easy to open. Vortex valves automatically equalize pressure inside to the atmosphere outside.  Soft-grip handles operate in any position and heavy-duty in-line wheels ensure easy transport of the Pelican™ Case.

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