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Spill Pallet™
Spill Palletâ„¢

Large scale spill response! The Spill Pallet™ is modular and easy to use. Like the Barrel Pac™, the Spill Pallet™ utilizes the Modular Response Deployment System™ (M.R.D.S)   This allows you to attack a spill from more than just one location and with multiple responders. Each module has enough material and safety equipment for 2 responders per module. Next, because the modules are compact, the responders can easily carry it to the site without having to move the entire spill station or run back and forth for supplies. Additionally, if you use one or all four of the modules when responding, just drop in replacements and your are back to your original readiness level. It's that simple.

The four modules contain enough material for eight responders to attack a spill, including 176 feet of absorbent boom. Everything you need for a large spill - all in one convenient, weather tight, lockable container.

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