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Secondary Containment

Can it leak? Will it leak? What will happen if it does leak?

If you need the answer to any of these questions then you already know that one answer covers them all- Secondary Containment! You might be motivated by compliance issues, space or even the desire for a clean/safe work environment. In any case, you'll find what your looking for at Andax!

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Take it out of the storage case and the Tank Trap™ instantly opens to 20 times its stored size. Now place it where you need it. It's as easy as 1-2-3! Best of all, it's reusable. The Tank Trap™ cleans up in a snap because there are no pockets or folds to trap liquids. Use one anywhere you need instant spill containment.

The standard Tank Trap™ is ideal for containing fluids on relatively smooth surfaces. For storing or containing drums and other heavy objects, or if using on a rough surface, use the super duty base Tank Trap™.

Achieve secondary containment compliance for indoor drum or tank storage with a Spill Deck. Available in two-drum, four-drum, six-drum and eight-drum capacities, all feature high-visibility yellow sidewalls and each unit has a large liquid containment capacity.

Are you tired of duct-taping pads around leaking valves? There is no need to! The Valve Sac™ is the solution: the new ideal containment system designed to encapsulate valves and control any leaks or spills! The Valve Sac™ was engineered to contain drips from leaking substation transformer valves or spigots.

It's as easy as 1-2-3... install, label, and leave! Once installed, its unique design allows visual check of the contained fluid levels. The Valve Sac™ is thermally bonded and cinches tightly around the valve. It comes in four different sizes and is 100% customizable. Each Sac is individually packaged. Available in universal or oil-selective configurations.

The Valve Sac™ is ideal for bulk containers, tanker trucks, hydraulic hoses, filler discharge lines, railcar discharge lines, and more.

Spill Tray™ -- oil-selective reusable spill containment for drips and leaks. Absorbent liners soak up the mess while the protective tray keeps it off your floors and walkways. Just place it under the source of the leak or drip and watch it work. Simply remove the used absorbent pad and replace it with a new refill.

The “Original Transformer Sacs”, manufactured and patented by Andax are also known as Transformer Bags or Transformer Containment Devices. Used by electric companies across America and around the World to contain leaking overhead pole mount and pad mount transformers including substation units. We manufacture many types and styles of the Transformer Sac™ with several options including models for Pole and Pad Mounts that include outdoor weather caps and Multi-Height units with built in height adjustability. Choose from our standard sizes or call us and we will make one the size you need!

When it comes to containing leaking transformers, talk to the leader in transformer containment! We make them right here in the USA! Whether you are looking for environmentally friendly, re-usable, heavy duty or the standard Transformer Sac™, we are your source! It's what we're known for ... no matter what you call them.