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Leak Diverter
Leak Diverter

Being prepared for a rainy day can take on a whole new meaning when water is dripping through your office ceiling onto that new computer-controlled piece of equipment. The Leak Diverter™ is your first line of defense to keep a bad situation from getting much worse.

You need a solution that will be easy to use and strong enough to do the job safely. Because water weighs 8.35 lbs. per gallon, we make the Leak Diverter™ from durable heavy-duty PVC-coated polyester. Once strapped into place, the Leak Diverter™ funnels water through a full ½" high-visibility yellow hose into a bucket (included) or into your drain. Kit includes "Caution Wet Floor" label on bucket.

The Leak Diverter™, hose, and ceiling straps stow easily in the storage bucket.

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