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De-Con Trailer
De-Con Trailer

The all-new De-Con Trailer™ combines the adaptability and versatility of the De-Con Pac™ system with a fast response vehicle. The rivet-less, aerodynamic design is built for safety and reliability outside and designed for the utmost in efficiency and fast deployment inside. The cable-assisted ramp-style rear door deploys with one hand for instant, open access to contents. Secure the equipment  internally with industry-standard E-track clamping and quick-release cinch straps. Include a mobile deployment system (MDS) so you can roll the equipment  out quickly and easily to ensure instant access for multiple responders. Each De-Con Trailer features radial, all-season tires for all-weather stability and extra-bright, state of the art LED tail lights. Lots of space for lots of equipment that you can move quicky and efficiently to the scene of the incident or use it for storing everything you'll need on site, in case the incident comes to you.

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