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Bulk Sorbents
Bulk Sorbents

Sometimes you need an on-the-spot solution to... well, a spot. Spills can wreak havoc on work floors and spaces, and bulk sorbents are a quick way to soak up unexpected accidents.

We offer two types, both available in 10lb. bags or a custom amount - just call and we can customize!

General Purpose (SG-50)

Keep a bag of our General-purpose Sorbent handy for leaks and drips in and around your loading docks! It will even soak up antifreeze.  Plus it's 99% dust free.

Oil-Selective (SW-50)

This recycled cellulose Sorbent soaks up oils, fuels, and solvents - not water! Works great indoors or outdoors. Incinerates to less than 1% ash. SCS Green Cross Certified.

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