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Bucket Pac™
Bucket Pacâ„¢

The Bucket Pac™ is engineered to perform and designed to be simple to use. It's a convenient, grab-n-go, cleanup and containment Pac with some very unique features.

First, unlike other products, the Bucket Pac™ has a screw-on lid! Yes, that's right--a screw-on ratchet- latched, gasketed lid. That means you're not fighting to take the top off the bucket when you really need to respond to a spill emergency. And this bucket with its unique lid allows you to store it outside, even on over-the-road trucks, without fear of the weather or other contaminants getting inside!

Additionally, the absorbent pads in our standard buckets have a double purpose. They can be used on a roll or as individual pads you can place when and where you need them. So if you need to stretch the absorbent down the street to soak up a runaway leak, just roll it out and get to work! Or tear off what you need at the handy built-in perforation and strategically place the pads where they're needed most.

Choose one of our standard configurations or tell us what you'd like your Bucket Pac™ to do and customize your own. We'll build it to your specifications.  We're here to help!

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