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Valve Sac™ - 24" x 24" - Oil-Selective
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Item #: VLS-024-O
Price: $34.00/EA (Sold 16/CT)
Ships: This item ships via UPS or Fedex.


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Product Description

Are you tired of duct-taping pads around leaking valves? There is no need to! The Valve Sac™ is the solution: the new ideal containment system designed to encapsulate valves and control any leaks or spills! The Valve Sac™ was engineered to contain drips from leaking substation transformer valves or spigots.


It's as easy as 1-2-3... install, label, and leave! Once installed, its unique design allows visual check of the contained fluid levels. The Valve Sac™ is thermally bonded and cinches tightly around the valve. It comes in four different sizes and is 100% customizable. Each Sac is individually packaged. Available in universal or oil-selective configurations.


The Valve Sac™ is ideal for bulk containers, tanker trucks, hydraulic hoses, filler discharge lines, railcar discharge lines, and more.

Product Features
  · Customizable
  · Easy to use
  · Encapsulates spigots and valves
  · Helps comply with EPA standards
  · Oil-Selective
  · Visually confirms fluid containment at a glance

Product Applications
  · Spigots
  · Valves

Product Specifications
  Qty per Carton: 16 sacs
  Size: 24" x 24"
  Weight: 22 lbs per box

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