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Victim Privacy Pac™ - Privacy clothing for decon emergencies
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Item #: DCP-050-VPP
Price: $33.00/EA
Ships: This item ships via UPS or Fedex.


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Product Description

Why add insult to injury?

The Victim Privacy Pac is designed to streamline decontamination operations by identifying contaminated and decontaminated victims, while ensuring their essential needs: their safety, privacy and valuables.

  • Perforated for easy separation and deployment into two pacs--one pre- and one post-decon
  • Creates a traceable chain of custody for personal items to the owners
  • Encapsulates contaminated clothing--provides comfort and privacy
  • ID bracelets for large and small bags
  • Completely opaque garments identify victims as still requiring treatment (red) or having been treated (green)

Product Features
  · Joined for easy deployment and inventory
  · Perforated for quick separation into pre- and post-decon kits
  · Quick opening for easy victim use
  · Safety pouch keeps contents protected until needed
  · Small size for maximum portability

Product Applications
  · Ambulatory Decontamination
  · Non-Ambulatory Decontamination

Product Specifications
  Post-Decon Kit:
  Green Cover Garment
  Single-use Towels (3)
  Booties (1 pair)
  Plastic Comb
  Pre-Decon Kit:
  Red Cover Garment
  Large Security Bag
  Small Valuables Bag
  Size: 15" x 15" x 2" Thick
  Sizes Available: L - 3XL

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