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"Perfect Fit" Custom Cut Foam
From Andax

"Perfect Fit"

Gun Case

The “Perfect Fit” Foam system from is your source for the best foam custom made for all Pelican Cases. Unlike generic cubed foam, we custom manufacture foam to fit your exact equipment (guns, bows, notebooks, laptops, tablets, or PCs and their accessories).

  • Order “Perfect Fit” Foam complete with your new Pelican Case or by itself for your existing case
  • Our “Perfect Fit” system works perfectly for all guns regardless of make or model
  • Safely cushions all computers and laptops such as Hewlett-Packard, Samsung, Toshiba
  • Cradles cameras such as Olympus, Panasonic, Vivitar and many, many others
  • Helps keep all things valuable to you protected, safe and secure

With “Perfect Fit” Custom-Cut Foam from your equipment will be protected from the elements, sudden jarring and drops by baggage handlers, even natural disasters. Whether you are looking to protect sensitive testing equipment, computers, cameras, video equipment, medical equipment, antiques, guns, projectors, tools or virtually anything else, we will make it a “Perfect Fit” every time!

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